"Advocates for churches
in the wireless age..."

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SteepleCom, Inc. is a unique company that is totally focused on driving revenues to those that do Good Works.

We work with churches and other non-profits to shepherd relationships between their facilities and the Wireless Industry.

The capacity issues that are constantly facing the Wireless Industry are causing them to embrace new technologies and look deeper and deeper in to population and business clusters to meet the ever-rising demand of today's mobile society. Macro-cells, Micro-Cells, DAS, C-Rans, LTE, and 5G all have their own unique requirements and churches have never been in a better position to work with the Wireless Industry.

Local Zoning Boards are getting more and more demanding and Churches make for a natural location for carriers to hide their antennae since they are usually one of the tallest, pre-existing structures in every town. If an actual church structure itself does not work, many times there are other alternatives that can produce a positive outcome for the Wireless Industry to provide service to its data-demanding customers.

It is a reality in today's society that many churches are under tremendous pressures just to stay afloat. Attendance and membership are down. As such, giving is down so church budgets are being asked to deliver more with less. Many churches have already been blessed by leasing their property to one or more wireless carriers and we have yet to find a church that would not benefit from such relationships.

Problems arise when there is a clash of two cultures with distinctly different values, agendas and priorities. We at SteepleCom have devised a System that recognizes and accommodates the needs of both parties to put fair relationships in place. The System provides the carriers with what they need in a manner that is consistent with a particular church's mission.

Our System has been used by several denominations: United Methodist, UCC, Lutheran, A/G, Southern Baptist, etc. As well as several carriers and tower companies: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, American Tower, SBA, etc.

We have been fortunate enough to have secured millions of dollars of income for our client churches. It is gratifying to know that we have played a role in supporting so many ministries and we look forward to helping many more!