"We at Lord of Life now have a new steeple with a cell tower and SteepleCom was the key to our getting the deal we wanted as novices in the negotiations. Their recommendations were right on. They are trusted by our leadership as always having our best interests in mind. I personally rely on their counsel and whenever a situation occurs, SteepleCom is there to deal with it. Bottom-line – we trust them and they have proven to be an invaluable asset in an area the church has little expertise. I do not hesitate to tell folks they need their services."

Gary James, Church Administrator, Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Fairfax, VA

"As a pastor I wouldn’t allow a church to negotiate a cell contract without SteepleCom. They are professional, knowledgeable and they understand the mission of the Church. Their work allows us to do our work for Christ. It has been a blessing to our congregation!"

Rev. Glenn M. Mortimer, Pastor, Wakefield/Lynnfield United Methodist Church, Wakefield, MA