It can sometimes be a challenge to walk in two worlds simultaneously but we like to think of ourselves as dual subject matter experts and are honored to care for our client churches before, during and after the installation of any Wireless carrier.

In the past, dealing with churches has usually been really easy or really difficult; there hasn't been much in between. We have devised a simple System that is predictable, efficient and consistent. We have Master Agreements in place with just about every carrier so we have the ability to get deals done expeditiously, while making sure that everything is done according to a particular church's polity. Denominations differ as to who has ownership of assets and who has effectuating authority. Although everyone tries to establish who has effectuating authority for every deal, many times individual churches do not even know their own polity and many leases turn out not being worth the paper upon which they are written. When dealing with us, you know that deals are done correctly and that they are in line with every church's polity. We have been brought into many situations, after the fact, that have been challenging to say the least, that would never had been problematic had we been involved in the process.

While we fully recognize the fact that we are not American Tower, Crown, SBA etc., we maintain that we have the most influential footprint available to the entire Wireless Industry. Since the Telecom Act of 1996 left the siting of wireless facilities up to every municipality, it has put tremendous burdens on the Wireless Industry to deal with sites on a town by town, ordinance by ordinance basis. Our client base IS the community and most towns will do things for a church that they will not do for anyone else. When there are public hearings, we generally have rooms filled with people in favor of an application. We have been able to cut through much red tape due to the simple fact that if the Mayor is in the choir, zoning is never a problem.

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We can get you sites where NO ONE else can get them.