The SteepleCom Story

Back around 1997, a wireless carrier knocked at the door of a church and asked if they could use the steeple as a tower. The church did what churches normally do, it started a committee. There was a "telecom guy" in the congregation so he got the short straw to be the Committee Chair. Presently that church has a fully maximized site with multiple carriers and is receiving income in excess of $100,000/year.

That "telecom guy" became SteepleCom's founder and President after God's not-so-subtle urging to take care of His churches. Since there is a lot more to this than just "telecom" we were sort of baptized by fire; the result of which was that we have learned the wireless business from the ground up. We know what works and we know what does not work. We have spent the last several years coming up with a System that works not only for churches, but for the wireless industry and its contractors. At first, the contractors treated us just like any other landlord's advocate but now they look to us as a trusted source to secure strategic locations. Our clients are unique in that they are the community in which they are located. We like to think that we have pulled together the most influential footprint available to the wireless industry at the local level.

We have learned though experience (some good and some not so good) that the Wireless Industry is a dynamic, hard charging, quarterly-driven undertaking. There are many layers to it and we have established a reputation for being fair and thorough in getting deals done so that carriers can get the coverage they need while giving churches the income and protection that is vital to their ongoing missions.

It can sometimes be a challenge to walk in two worlds simultaneously but we like to think of ourselves as dual subject matter experts and are honored to care for our client churches before, during and after the installation of any Wireless carrier.